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Last Minute 4th of July Party Ideas

by / Monday, 30 June 2014 / Published in Uncategorized

Fourth of July is fast approaching, so here are some last minute ideas to make your party the most memorable one yet with some patriotic essentials and favorites.
1. Themed Baked Goods
Themed cakes are always a favorite at parties but try adding a new twist to your baking. Attempt making a Flag Cake, where when you cut into the cake the inside is shaped like the American Flag or try your hand at Red, White and Blue cake pops for an easier clean up.
2. Scavenger Hunt
Easter shouldnt have all the fun. Make a fun activity for the children attending and have them find little American Flags you have placed around your home or venue. Give out goodie bags after they collect them all. Adult only party? Attach the flags to mini liquor bottles, hide them and let the fun begin.
3. Games
Provide a source of entertainment that can keep the party going all day. There are the classic games like a bean bag toss and horse-shoes or take it up a notch and rent a game from Clowns Unlimited or Games2U like a bouncy house or giant hamster balls. Check out the entire list of product options under Equipment/Entertainers on this website.
4. Fireworks
If it is legal in your area, put on a firework show for your guests. If it is not, give your guests sparklers so they can still participle in the Fourth of July fun.
5. Music
Plugging your iPhone into some speakers is cool and all but nothing beats a well thought out playlist or live DJ. To make your own playlist try websites like or For human made lists try or hire a DJ from Clowns Unlimited to rock your party.
6. Sunscreen
Instead of fancy centerpieces for your tables put a bottle of sunscreen on each table for your guests so they can protect themselves against the hot summer sun.
7. Slip N Slide
Its not just for adults! Slip N Slides will be a hit with everyone young and old and keep your guests cool during the day. You can rent large water slides from Clowns Unlimited for the day, check out your options under the Water Games section.

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